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A Complete Information to Superior Utilization


Python decorators are a robust function that lets you modify the conduct of features or lessons dynamically. Decorators present a means so as to add performance to present code with out modifying the unique supply. This weblog publish will delve into the idea of decorators in Python, ranging from the fundamentals and step by step progressing to extra superior methods.

Understanding Decorators

Operate Decorators

Operate decorators are a strategy to modify the conduct of a operate by wrapping it inside one other operate. The decorator operate takes the unique operate as an argument, provides some performance, and returns a modified operate. This lets you improve or lengthen the conduct of features with out modifying their supply code.

def uppercase_decorator(func):
    def wrapper():
        end result = func()
        return end result.higher()
    return wrapper

def say_hello():
    return "Hey, World!"

print(say_hello())  # Output: HELLO, WORLD!

Within the instance above, the uppercase_decorator operate is outlined to wrap the say_hello operate. It modifies the conduct by changing the returned string to uppercase. The @uppercase_decorator syntax is used to use the decorator to the say_hello operate.

Class Decorators

Class decorators are just like operate decorators however function on lessons as a substitute of features. They assist you to modify the conduct or add performance to a category. The decorator operate takes the unique class as an argument, creates a derived class with added performance, and returns the modified class.

def add_method_decorator(cls):
    def new_method(self):
        return "New technique added!"
    cls.new_method = new_method
    return cls

class MyClass:
    def existing_method(self):
        return "Current technique known as!"

obj = MyClass()
print(obj.existing_method())  # Output: Current technique known as!
print(obj.new_method())  # Output: New technique added!

Within the instance above, the add_method_decorator operate wraps the MyClass class and provides a brand new technique known as new_method. The @add_method_decorator syntax is used to use the decorator to the MyClass class.

Decorator Syntax and Execution

When utilizing decorators, it’s essential to know the order of execution. Decorators are utilized from the underside up, that means the decorator outlined on the high is executed final. This order is essential when a number of decorators are utilized to the identical operate or class.

def decorator1(func):
    print("Decorator 1 executed")
    return func

def decorator2(func):
    print("Decorator 2 executed")
    return func

def my_function():
    print("Inside my_function")



Decorator 2 executed
Decorator 1 executed
Inside my_function

Within the instance above, the decorator2 decorator is executed first, adopted by the decorator1 decorator. The my_function is then known as, and the output displays the order of execution.



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