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How one can use Profilers in Python

When you will have efficiency issues in your Python utility, you should use a Profiler that will help you.

Step 1: Utilizing cProfile

Your first possibility is to run your utility with -m cProfile within the cli.

Let’s take an instance utility that’s run as follows:


We will run it with a Profiler by doing the next:

python -m cProfile -o outfile

This provides you with a report that reveals the place more often than not is spent whereas working your app.

My most popular possibility, is to make use of the line_profiler instrument to carry out a extra detailed scan.

Begin by putting in the line_profiler utilizing pip.

pip set up line_profiler

Then we will modify our utility code and add the @profile annotation proper earlier than every operate you’d wish to see statistics with.

def fun_a():
    #do one thing

def fun_b():
    #do one thing extra

if __name__ == '__main__':

Now we will run the profiler utilizing the beneath command:

time kernprof -l -v


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