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Lightning Quick React – A Newbie’s Information to Optimizing React App Efficiency

As React apps develop, you might discover efficiency beginning to lag – sluggish interactions, uneven animations, janky scrolling.

Fortunately, there are numerous nice strategies to optimize React app efficiency. Let’s take a look at some prime ideas:

Use React.memo for Part Memoization

The React.memo API can memoize element outputs:

const MyComponent = React.memo(perform MyComponent(props) {
  /* solely rerenders if props change */

This prevents pointless re-renders if props keep the identical.

Virtualize Lengthy Lists

Rendering 1000’s of rows kills efficiency. Virtualize rendering as an alternative:

import { FixedSizeList } from 'react-window';

perform Listing({ knowledge }) {
  return (
      {({ index, model }) => (
        <div model={model}>

Solely objects seen on-screen are rendered.

Keep away from Reconciliation with Keys

Keys assist React distinguish components from earlier renders:

{ => (

Mismatching keys result in full reconciliation.

Cut up Code with React.lazy

React.lazy permits code splitting elements into separate bundles:

const OtherComponent = React.lazy(() => import('./OtherComponent'));

perform MyComponent() {
  return (
    <React.Suspense fallback={<Loader />}>
      <OtherComponent />

Lazy loading avoids loading pointless code till wanted.

Use useCallback Hooks

Wrap occasion handlers in useCallback to keep away from regenerating capabilities:

const handleClick = useCallback(() => {
  // handler logic
}, []);

Avoids re-renders from new occasion handlers on every name.


  • Memoize elements with React.memo
  • Virtualize lengthy lists
  • Guarantee keys are steady
  • Code break up with React.lazy
  • Use useCallback hook

With some optimization, React can render advanced UIs sooner than ever.



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