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Methods to Push a Docker picture to AWS ECR

By default, Docker pushes its pictures to Docker Hub.

Whereas Docker Hub is a good way to share each your private and non-private pictures, you could discover the remainder of your infrastructure on one of many distinguished cloud suppliers.

On this occasion, you’re utilizing most of the different AWS sources, so why not use Elastic Container Registry – or ECR for brief – as a substitute?

On this information, we are going to substitute <area> together with your desired area in AWS. That would look one thing like eu-west-2 or us-east-1 maybe.

In my instance, I’ll use eu-west-2, also called London.

Methods to create an AWS ECR Repository

Head over to your AWS Console and discover the ECR Respositories:

Click on on Create repository.

We’ll now give our repository a reputation; this title will align with our native docker picture title for simplicity sake:

Apart from ensuring to pick out Non-public for our repository, we are going to depart all different settings to default and click on Create repository to finish.

Non-public will be sure that solely permitted, authenticated customers can have entry to our picture. We might have chosen Public if we needed to share it with the world as a substitute.

We are able to now see that it efficiently created our new repository for us:

Methods to view your native Docker pictures

Operating the docker pictures command will present a listing of all of your native pictures.

For this information, it is very important pay attention to the IMAGE ID column, and see the suitable hashed worth for every picture accessible.

REPOSITORY       TAG               IMAGE ID       CREATED         SIZE
my_app           newest            55cad0ef9c49   4 hours in the past     381MB

Take notice that the repository title is identical as what we referred to as it in AWS ECR. This doesn’t have to be the identical however is helpful to assist us if now we have numerous pictures to handle

Login Docker to make use of AWS ECR

Very like operating docker login will authenticate in opposition to Docker Hub, an analogous command will assist you to login to AWS ECR to authenticate your docker pictures to.

Run the next command to login to AWS ECR with docker:

The Previous Method (deprecated):

$(aws ecr get-login--region <area>)

This may inform Docker to login to AWS ECR for us utilizing a token. To see what occurs at this step, run the command with out the $() prefix and suffix (remembering to swap out to your <area>:

aws ecr get-login --region <area>

This may yield a outcome again in your terminal; one thing like:

docker login -u AWS -p eyls...<REDACTED>...zcQ== -e none

Be aware: Should you ran the command and bought an error like unknown shorthand flag: 'e' in -e, then merely take away this -e none and run the command once more.

This may efficiently login and affiliate your Docker distant to AWS ECR.

aws ecr get-login-password --region <area> | docker login --username AWS --password-stdin <aws_account_id>.dkr.ecr.<area>

Methods to tag your picture

Now you’re all setup and you may tag your picture.

If we run docker pictures once more, we are able to see that our IMAGE ID for the my_app repository is 55cad0ef9c49.

So let’s mix this into our command we have to run:

docker tag 55cad0ef9c49

Be aware: Keep in mind to specify your aws_account_number in addition to aws_region and repository_name within the above command. (I merely copied this from the Non-public repository web page immediately.

Now if I re-run the docker pictures command, I’ll have a brand new entry on the high:

REPOSITORY                                            TAG     IMAGE ID       CREATED         SIZE   newest  55cad0ef9c49   4 hours in the past     381MB

Methods to push my picture to AWS ECR

Now the one step left, is to push our tagged picture to our newly created repository.

docker push

We must always now see the picture being pushed as much as AWS ECR!

Utilizing default tag: newest
The push refers to repository []
2e6d5f7b1f40: Pushing [===============================>           ] 35.62MB/56.1MB
d8db330382da: Pushing [======>                                    ] 38.3MB/319.2MB
32f366d666a5: Pushed

When this has accomplished, we are going to see a completion message in our CLI:

newest: digest: sha256:2579d..<REDACTED>..aa0e47e dimension: 953

We are able to additionally return to the AWS Console and see our picture in our repository:



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