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The right way to Fill an Array in Python

The problem

We would like an array, however not simply any previous array, an array with contents!

Write a perform that produces an array with the numbers “ to N-1 in it.

For instance, the next code will end in an array containing the numbers “ to 4:

arr(5) # => [0,1,2,3,4]

Word: The parameter is non-obligatory. So it’s important to give it a default worth.

The answer in Python code

Possibility 1:

def arr(n=0):
    return [x for x in range(n) if n>0]

Possibility 2:

def arr(n=0): 
    return record(vary(n))

Possibility 3:

def arr(n=0):
    aux = []
    for x in vary(n):
    return aux

Take a look at instances to validate our answer

import check
from answer import arr"Fundamental Checks")
def basic_tests():'Fundamental Take a look at Instances')
    def basic_test_cases():
        check.assert_equals(arr(4), [0,1,2,3])
        check.assert_equals(arr(0), [])
        check.assert_equals(arr(), [])


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