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The right way to Get Planet Identify By ID in Python

The problem

Create a perform that takes in an id and returns the planet title.

The answer in Python code

Possibility 1:

def get_planet_name(id):
    return {
        1: "Mercury",
        2: "Venus",
        3: "Earth",
        4: "Mars",
        5: "Jupiter",
        6: "Saturn",
        7: "Uranus" , 
        8: "Neptune"

Possibility 2:

def get_planet_name(id):
    return ["Mercury","Venus","Earth","Mars","Jupiter","Saturn","Uranus","Neptune"][id-1]

Possibility 3:

def get_planet_name(id):
    if   id == 1: return "Mercury"
    elif id == 2: return "Venus"
    elif id == 3: return "Earth"
    elif id == 4: return "Mars"
    elif id == 5: return "Jupiter"
    elif id == 6: return "Saturn"
    elif id == 7: return "Uranus"  
    elif id == 8: return "Neptune"

Check circumstances to validate our answer

import check
from answer import get_planet_name

@check.describe("Mounted Checks")
def fixed_tests():'Fundamental Check Instances')
    def basic_test_cases():
        check.assert_equals(get_planet_name(2), 'Venus')
        check.assert_equals(get_planet_name(5), 'Jupiter')
        check.assert_equals(get_planet_name(3), 'Earth')
        check.assert_equals(get_planet_name(4), 'Mars')
        check.assert_equals(get_planet_name(8), 'Neptune')
        check.assert_equals(get_planet_name(1), 'Mercury')


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