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The way to Set up App Mesh on AWS EKS

You’ll be able to comply with the steps under to put in App Mesh on AWS EKS (Kubernetes).

Step 1 – Conditions

curl -o
sh ./

Step 2 – Add Helm Repo

helm repo add eks

Step 3 – Add Customized Useful resource Definitions (CRDs)

kubectl apply -k ""

Step 4 – Create a Namespace for App Mesh

kubectl create ns appmesh-system

Step 5 – Set Surroundings Variables

You will want to set a few setting variables to make issues simpler later.

export CLUSTER_NAME=cluster-name
export ACCOUNT_ID=111122223333
export AWS_REGION=eu-west-1

aws eks list-clusters will assist you get the CLUSTER_NAME.

aws sts get-caller-identity will assist you get the ACCOUNT_ID.

AWS_REGION must be the area the place your EKS cluster has been setup.

Step 6 – Add an IAM OIDC supplier

eksctl utils associate-iam-oidc-provider 
    --cluster $CLUSTER_NAME 

Step 7 – Create an IAM Service Account

eksctl create iamserviceaccount 
    --cluster $CLUSTER_NAME 
    --namespace appmesh-system 
    --name appmesh-controller 
    --attach-policy-arn arn:aws:iam::aws:coverage/AWSCloudMapFullAccess,arn:aws:iam::aws:coverage/AWSAppMeshFullAccess,arn:aws:iam::aws:coverage/AWSXRayDaemonWriteAccess 

Step 8 – Set up the App Mesh Controller utilizing Helm

helm improve -i appmesh-controller eks/appmesh-controller 
    --namespace appmesh-system 
    --set area=$AWS_REGION 
    --set serviceAccount.create=false 
    --set serviceAccount.title=appmesh-controller 

Step 9 – Observe the App Mesh Deployment

kubectl get deployment appmesh-controller 
    -n appmesh-system 
    -o json  | jq -r ".spec.template.spec.containers[].picture"

Step 10 – Create a Fargate Profile within the EKS cluster

eksctl create fargateprofile --cluster $CLUSTER_NAME --name appmesh-system --namespace appmesh-system


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